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One Stage with simple curtain

Unique finished puppet stage

Stage one person puppet stage setup

ManySmaller puppet theater setup

PossibilitiesThe round multipurpose puppet stage

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Complete Puppet Stage Plans Ebook Cover
pspDwn 2.0

All the details you need to build your own quality puppet stage.  [ now available for download, see below ]

by James Rasmusson    ** Printable Plans are in  e-Book format and  work  with Windows 95/98/NT4/2000/Me and Internet Explorer 4 or later

This stage design is very functional and portable, not to mention easy to make.  If your a do-it-yourselfer who is looking for an easy to make and versatile stage, these are the plans you've been searching for!

These  instructions are easy to follow and include well  over 50 photos that guide you thru every step -  to completion and beyond.      

 Complete Puppet Stage Plans gives every detail !

    • How to build the Frame - sturdy yet light wt.  (completed stage weighs 12 lbs).
    • How to sew the Curtains - sew basic attractive curtains (less than 10 seams)  then add highlights
    • How to make the See-thru curtain adaptation  (Interact with the audience - call on the kids by name)
    • How to attach Scenery hangers (built into frame or add later)
    • How to build and sew Side Curtain extensions  (added backstage privacy)
    • How to build Carrying Cases for the stage and side curtains  (quick to sew, protective, unique)
    • How to add a prop shelf to your stage (quickly pops on or off)
    • How to build and attach roll down scenery  (backdrops or multiple rolls for  presentations).
    • How to make 4  other  stage configurations  (change out horizontal pipes - same curtains) 
    • All designed for quick set up and break down without giving up sturdiness (last for years)


      Download  Plans Now  $24.95      ebook requires Windows 95/98/NT4/2000/Me/XP and Internet Explorer 4 or later
      ** If you have any problems downloading this file, please call 608-647-6000  (answered Countryside) A.S.A.P.
      Buy Plans on CD-Rom   $26.95 + 2.00 Shipping  ebook  requires Windows 95/98/NT4/2000/Me/XP and Internet Explorer 4 or later

      Or send money order or check  $26.95+2.00=  $28.95 to :    (include note indicating the item)

       The V.I.P.Puppet Company  23539 Neon Lane,  Richland Center WI,  53581


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Here's what customers say about 'Complete Stage Plans'


Mr. Rasmusson-

 The download worked fine for us.  The stage is great!  The plans were easy to understand and within a day we had a fantastic stage perfect for our new children's ministry!  We'll be sending pictures soon!  Thanks a million. God bless you for helping to enrich the lives of children everywhere through inspirational puppetry. 

Rhian A.

PS- Once we get accustomed to puppeting with the puppets we bought, we plan on buying your "You can do it!" video & book to attempt our own puppet making!  Thanks again.

Hey this is one of the best experiences we have ever had. We are a group of missionaries living on the border of Mexico. We go in weekly and have been helping in a particular community for several years now. On the weekends we do parties for kids with clowns etc. and have recently decided to expand into puppets. We've done them before and have had a lot of fun. Recently some friends bought some puppets on-line and then we all decided on your puppet stage. I have a small wood shop and we put the stage together in about an hour. One of the mamas came back with the material from Wal-Mart and we all simply flipped. Super beautiful stuff. Plans, materials etc. about $100. Wonderful. Thanks. Pray for us to get something done. God bless you.
Richard N.
Date of feedback:  April 12,2004

We set up the stage this weekend, we simply love it!  Our kids can't stay away from it - every spare minute it's "Mom, can we put on a little play for you?"  It was J's  first time to be behind a stage with a puppet, his giftedness has been revealed!  Needless to say, we can hardly wait to share all of this fun with the kids at our ministry event next weekend!  Thanks so much for such a wonderful product!  In Him, Jand D (MI)

3-6-02   These plans are an answer to prayer, they are just what I have been looking for, and I love the "see through" idea!  Thanks ..........(VA)
On 10-22-02, J.W. from Nevada sent me more pictures Great Job folks!! (ordered all three - You Can Do It,  Puppets Teach Puppetry and Complete Stage Plans on 6-10-02)     Click pics for larger view  

devil and angle puppets made by customer Their newest puppets.   Scroll down to see their first puppet 'Stanley' below

puppet stage made by a customer using our stage plans Here is the stage they made from the plans.   




Dear Jim, (downloaded Complete Puppet Stage Plans - built his own stage)
       This is the best "live" puppet stage I have yet to see.  It is light
weight and easily adaptable to many different situations.  I am a former Muppet Performer having worked with Henson Assoc. and I have see some really clunky stages ...and worked a few of 'em as well.  One of the worst was built by Nickelodeon (very recently) and was to travel the country ... it was made by a TV crew of very heavy metal and wood.  They were used to TV sets which are very secure ... but DO NOT TRAVEL WELL!!  Assembling and breaking
down that stage was a nightmare, not to mention expensive to fly all over the country.

My best to you,

P. L.- New Jersey  

  Crop Stanley puppet made by JW

After purchasing your video and stage plans, we are implementing these in our children's church. 

The instructions were very explicit and detailed, and very simple.!!!  We have made one puppet so far and are working on the stage plans.

Thank you for making this valuable resource available,!!! it opens up a new world of imagination and ministry. I'm very excited about making more puppets, this is a great tool, for anyone to get started, since it takes you from beginning to end.  Keep up the great work... Here's a picture of Stanley...

7-9-2002       (ordered all three - You Can Do It,  Puppets Teach Puppetry and Complete Stage Plans on 6-10-02)

Dear Jim, 

Thank you so very much...
J.W. Nevada

Hey - Great Job J.W.! 

 Way to use your imagination!  Thanks for the feedback  Jim R., The VIP Puppet CO.

If you would like to post your feedback here.  Send us some if you would   



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