Here is a surprisingly simple time saving accounting method that puts you in control of your cash flow


It doesn't have to be so much work


The surprising simplicity of the ideas and practices found within this ebook will make your business bookkeeping fast,  accurate and fun!  It will also leave you with an organized, audit proof and easily retrievable record for tax reporting purposes. 

This system is so simple and time saving,  you'll think it's too easy to be true.  But it works!  Once you see how efficient and well it works, you'll look forward to totaling up each month so you can see your bottom line! Tax time a coming?   Relax - your business records are all in order!

Put an end to that pile of accounting you've been putting off. You will be glad you did. $14.95.

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Smart Accounting Testimonials

Jason B. 

(This customer has been using simple accounting from VIP for his small construction company for the year of 2007)

"helped me get organized and keep up with my quarterly taxes. In the past, I never kept track of it, I didn't pay quarterly taxes, I would just pay at the end of the year. Now I have allot less penalties. It has really saved me a lot this year with no penalties for unpaid quarterly taxes and I don't have to pay and accountant either which I was told is about $150 - $200 a month to have it done for me.

Once you get doing this, it only takes 15 minutes a month. I keep allot closer tabs on my receipts with the monthly receipt envelopes, and now I'm using the spreadsheet for the computer that you included, that really works good." 

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